Thursday, October 30, 2008

Check this out!

I found this little project on SCS. It's a file folder folded into a Xmas planner! The forms are on this really neat site.

I used silver cord to make it more like a book. It doesn't open all the way like the one on SCS. Here's some directions for anyone who would like to attempt to make one! Good luck!

1. Take a regular file folder, open it up. Hold it in front of you "book-like". Score it 8" from the top so your line will cross the fold. This will create your pocket.

2. Next, score parallel to the center fold 4 1/2" from the middle on both sides. The tab sections (the front and the back) will be more narrow than the inner sections.

3. Fold it like an accordion.

4. Decorate your folder doo-dad, inside and out. I direct inked my edges to take some of the bright folder look away from the project. You will need 2 decorated papers and 2 solid papers for the look I did. (12x12 sheets)

5. Print the calendar thingies and stick them on the plain card stock to give them some class. I used the gift ideas, gift list and card list templates.

I'm not the best when it comes to directions. Just have fun!! I gave you the measurements...the rest is up to you!! =)

Life's been a little hectic lately. Sorry I've been a little MIA! My craft table is so sad. I placed a Bella order yesterday hoping to spark that creative bug again! Thanks Debby for thinking of me! Your email came at a great time!! Thank you! =) This one's for you!

Mel =)


Janet said...

soooooooooooooo cute, what a great idea!!

LeAnne said...

I made a few of these last year and they git rave reviews so I think I will make more this year. Yours is adorable.

Candy said...

Oh this is so cute! You did a wonderful job and thanks for sharing it. Now you must show us more LOL

Katie @ Paper Makeup said...

very very cute! I wanted to do something similar and havent gotten around to it. Silly me didnt even think of putting a bella on it. Um... DUH! :)

Christi said...

How cute!! You did a fantastic job!!

Mae said...

That is super!!! I know what you mean...I am going through a small dry spell, so I am doing some reading. If I don't allow time for both..I crave books & nothing else. One of these day I will be like that with my stamps. This project should do the trick..or treat =)!!

Susan said...

I love this idea!

Mel, I gave you an award for your amazing talent! Please come to my blog.


Dawn said...

I enjoy altered projects and am obsessed with organizers/notebooks/planners/calendars... thanks for the inspiration! Enjoy your Christmas!