Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween!!

The night started out kinda slow. It seemed like it took forever for the kids to get dressed up. (With the exception of Little Sunshine who instisted on wearing her princess dress to school!)

Kaila couldn't find the top to her pirate costume so we had to make due with another shirt. She looked cute anyways.

We went to Mom's first and took the kids around my old neighborhood with my nephews. Then we went to Dad's house. There were more trick-or-treaters there! It started! It wasn't as cold as I remember last Halloween being.

Then kids stayed at my sister's house and Dale and I went to a lounge in Sacramento. It was the first time there. $1500 in prizes for costumes and free admission until 11pm! Sounds like my kinda party! My friend Melanie (yes, her name is Melanie too!) came. She drinks too much...but who am I to judge!? =P We met some really cool people there and watched an angry drunk try to pick fights with anyone who had a costume resembling the military. She got kicked out...FAST! I loved the atmosphere. It wasn't a bunch of drunken messes like at some of the other Sacramento places. We had so much fun!!

Here's me in my "gold digger" costume with Mel "The Sailor".

Dale didn't have a costume, but he still looked hot! =) he ws going to be a Sugar Daddy candy, but we couldn't find the jacket. The costume stores only had the pants and the hat.

I'm so excited...Thanksgiving is next and that's my FAVORITE holiday!! woo-hoo!

Mel =)