Friday, March 12, 2010

Auntie Helen's Celebration of Life...Our 1st Performance

One week notice, no costumes and a dance troupe that wasn't supposed to perform until July! Well, what do you do? YOU SAY, "YES!"

Accomplishments this month so far...

1. I learned how to use a serger!

2. I learned to sew on a zipper...thanks to YouTube! Here's the link I used... ...Karen is AWESOME! =)

3. Finished 4 White Sandy Beach dresses.

4. Finished 2 keiki Otea costumes.

5. Finished 15 sets of Tane legpieces and 15 neckpieces.

6. Finished Brandee's Otea costume.

7. Finished 3 Over the Rainbow costumes.

8. Danced/Instructed ... lost track of hours.

9. Finished my Solo headpiece.

Whew...I have an AMAZING life!! =)

Next stop...March 17th... Heiva i Honolulu 2010!

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